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The HTML code below is supplied as a SAMPLE.  When you join the ring [submit information and are added to queue] you will be sent a confirmation via a "queue notification" email.  Included in this email is an EXACT set of the HTML you need to add to your POW/MIA page.  It has already been customized with your name, email address, and site ID#.

It is strongly recommended that you use that code.

If, for some reason, you are not able to copy that code to your page, the following is supplied.  You will have to modify this code.  There are five places where the code must be changed.

1. YOUR_NAME - Replace this with your name or 'handle'.

2. YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS - Replace this with your email address.  Be sure to leave the mailto:  and maintain the quotation marks.

3 through 5.  YOUR_SITE_ID - Replace this with the number supplied to you in the above-referenced queue notification email.  Be sure to remove the entire string: YOUR_SITE_ID
and don't leave any spaces.

EXAMPLE:  if your site ID is 000000999, you would change the [Next] link HTML:

Change from     http://ojc.org/cgi-bin/navigate.cgiid=YOUR_SITE_ID&command=1
    to                 http://ojc.org/cgi-bin/navigate.cgi?id=999&command=1
(There is no need to use the leading zeroes in your ID number but it won't hurt anything either.)

You should wind up with 3 occurences of the above example.  Once each for Next, Previous, and Random.

The sample is presented in 2 forms.  One is a the sample code in HTML format.  It will look like an actual ring.   The other is presented in text format.

In all cases, the graphic is not supplied to you.  If you haven't copied it to your computer, you may copy the one included below.

HTML Sample:

This site is owned by Your_Name

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Text Sample:
<!-- Begin Operation Just Cause Ring Code -->
<center><table BORDER=5 >
<a href="http://ojc.org/ring/index.htm">
<img SRC="ojcring.jpg" ALT="ojcring.jpg" height=94 width=375></a>
<p>This site is owned by <a href="mailto:your_email_address">
<p>[<a href="http://ojc.org/cgi-bin/navigate.cgi?id=YOUR_SITE_ID&command=1">Next</a>]
[<a href="http://ojc.org/cgi-bin/navigate.cgi?id=YOUR_SITE_ID&command=2">Previous</a>]
[<a href="http://ojc.org/cgi-bin/navigate.cgi?id=YOUR_SITE_ID&command=3">Random</a>]
[<a href="http://ojc.org/ring/list.htm">List</a>]
[<a href="http://ojc.org/ring/index.htm">Info</a>]
[<a href="http://www.ojc.org/ring/join.htm">Join</a>]</td></tr></table></center>
<!-- End HTML Ring Code -->

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