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  • Intro Page My Country 'Tis of Thee; A POW in SE Asia.

  • Tennyson Page That which we are, we are. . .

  • Main Page The one that presents our case.

    Did We Leave Men Behind ? ?

  • Left Behind?
  • Examination of US Policy Toward POW/MIA Affairs 14 web pages detailing the findings of the U.S. Senate Committee On Foreign Relations Republican Staff. Excellent Issue Overview. (Transcript)

  • Quang 1,205 Document The General of the Army Reported this figure to the No. Vietnamese polituburo. (Transcript)

  • Authentication of the 1205 Document Somer interesting people authenticated the Quang document. (Transcript)

  • Garnett "Bill" Bell discusses the 1,205 document. (Actual post)

    Could They Be Alive Today ? ? ?

  • Are They Alive?
  • Henry Serex & Peter Matthes. Their authenticator codes appeared in Vietnam in 1992.

  • Further Analysis that will shock you!

    What Can We Do About It? ? ?

  • So, What Can I do?
  • Help the National Alliance of Families

  • Help litigate to force the CIA to comply with the Law.

  • Help a private SEARCH

  • Join Operation Just Cause

    Book Review

  • Tiger Cage
  • Code Name Bright Light
  • Why Didn't You Get Me Out?
  • Kiss the Boy's Goodbye
  • Leading The Way
  • Spite House
  • The Men We Left Behind
  • Soldier's of Misfortune
  • All Found Here

    Some Proof

  • Baron 52 Case Synopsis

  • Petittion to Re-Open Baron 52 case

  • POW Caves?

  • Examining US Policy (Transcript)

    Can You Help?

  • Help Deb Find Her Dad


  • Russians Withhold Documentation (Scanned Document) 9 web pages on the Volkonogov document

    Donation Requests

  • National Alliance of Families
  • POW/MIA Litigation against CIA
  • S.E.A.R.C.H. Inc.
  • The Last Firebase
  • All Need Your Help. Details here!

    Let's Get Documented

  • Intro to Document Area
  • Air Intelligence Information Report - Korea (1955) (Transcript) 6 web pages
  • Commodore Brooks Memorandum Two Scanned documents
  • American PWs in No. Korea? 2 scanned documents
  • Castle Memorandum (Transcripts) 2 Web pages.
  • Ann Holland's Statement after reading the Castle Memo. (Transcript)

    Historical Impact

  • Intro to Historical Impact
  • Background info on Lima Site 85
  • Project Checo (Transcript) 5 Web pages
  • War Crime Tribunal or MFN Status?
  • POW Camps & Live Sighting Reports

    Washington Beat

  • Intro to Washington Beat
  • Capital Hill
  • Bob Smith (R-NH) Bio
  • Former POW does more to hurt issue
  • He's No Hero(Transcripts DoD Message Traffic) [7 Web Pages]
  • Waffle Iron Award
  • Waffle Iron Hall of Shame
  • He Sucks, but he Doesn't Inhale!
  • On the Dole!
  • Blind Trust or Trust Blindly? ? ?
  • SecDef Cohen's POW/MIA Remarks
  • Expand Laws re SAR & POW/MIA Recovery
  • Admiral Tuttle's Senate Deposition

    Needs Your Help

  • Chris Rich
  • Russell Meese
  • WWII McDowell Family
  • Col Tom McKenney
  • All need YOUR help!

    Editorial Corner

  • Intro to Editorial Corner
  • Were US POWs Killed in 1970?, by Ed Johnson

  • For $ale, U$ Foreign Policy
  • History of Lippo/Riaddy
  • Those Kinder & Gentler Times
  • The Last Firebase Came Under Attack (9 Web pages)

  • Godfather of The Wall: Jan Scruggs, by Ted Sampley
  • POW Flags Banned at The Wall, by Ted Sampley
  • Pete Peterson Poor Choice for US Ambassador, by Ted Sampley
  • Ted Guy Answers Historian Andrade's Paying Our Dues
  • Year In Review, (33 Web Pages) Monthly recap of POW/MIA info 1/96 through 9/98
  • SecState Albright Certifies Vietnam's Cooperation
  • Vietnam Veteran Vanity License Plates Offensive? This DMV seems to think so!
  • Viewpoint, by Chip Beck. A series of articles by former DPMO Special Investogator Cdr. Chip Beck, USNR (Ret.) [9 web pages]
  • 1996's MSPA Comes Under Attack! Who can we Count On?

    Other Tid Bits

  • Playing With The Facts: You Decide a sampling of Col. Joseph Schlatter's MIA "Facts" Website [emphasis ours]
  • Freedom of Information Act Sample Letter with some helpful addresses.

    Veteran's Don't Forget Veteran's

  • I Remember You, by Sharon Fleming
  • Half A World Away, by LCDR Bob Prinselaar (USGC)
  • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, Author Unknown
  • Music Box, by Mike Farmer
  • Silent Rage, by L.S. CUDNIK

    Links, Awards, Acknowledgements, Etc.

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  • Links to and from Our Pages
  • Awards We Have Won
  • We'd Like to Acknowledge

    Because this website is so vast, we have been asked to make an additional listing of the actual documents that we have on the site--either transcribed or scanned.

    Examination of US Policy Toward POW/MIAs, issued by the Republican Staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, May 23, 1991. This 125 page, (14 Web Pages), report details American History as it is related to the POW/MIA issue from the Alaskan Expeditionary Force through Vietnam (The Second Indochina War) and finally Col. Millard Peck's resignation in disgust from DIA and the military.

    Quang 1,205 Document A document from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR, Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU); a Report of the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the VNA (Vietnamese Peoples Army) General-Lieutenant Tran Van Quang, at the Politburo Meeting of the TSK PTV, September 15, 1972. This is the document that Harvard Researcher Dr. Stephen Morris, not connected to the POW/MIA issue, unnearthed in the archives of the FSU (Former Soviet Union). It details that the North Vietnamese were holding 1,205 Americans prisoner, in September 1972. The Clinton Administration's knee jerk reaction was to classify it.

    Authentication of the Quang 1,205 Document are quotations taken directly from the Congressional Record respective to the Quang 1205 Document

    Garnett "Bill" Bell on the 1205 Document is a verbatim posting to the Prodigy Services Veteran's Bulletin Board by Bell, former DIA POW/MIA Station Chief in Hanoi.

    Escape & Evade Codes delves into the cases of Peter Matthes and Henry Serex. There are transcripts from DoD National Command & Control Message Center detailing that a beeper was heard respective to Matthes and there is a verbatim report from CIL-HI (Central Identification Laboratory-Hawaii) recommending a group burial of the Matthes crew. In this report we are told, "Analysts at the JTF-FA and DPMO have indicated that there is no evidence to indicate that any of the crew survived the crash of the C-130A." The Official Air Force Report of Matthes' crash is quoted verbatim.

    POW/MIA Litigation against the CIA has two actual documents for you to download. The first is the complaint and the second is the affidavit in support of that complaint.

    Russian's Withhold Documentation on a 1960's KGB plan to transfer knowledgable Americans to the FSU. There is a copyrighted Washington Times Article reprinted with permission, General Volkogonov's notes taken directly from the US Natn'l Archives and a partial translation. The repercussions are so serious that Secretary Albright has requested the documentation from the Russians and VP Gore has followed the Russian's up on this. There are some who claim this has nothing to do with US POWs, so we presume that they are assuming that the knowledgeable Americans just happened to be vacationing in Da Nang in the 60's! (9 Web Pages)

    The Caves at of Xam Nua (pronounced sam neua) is a photograph and a negative of the photo of the "American Cave" in this Laotian village. DPMO, upon seeing this photo, stated they had not seen this cave.

    Air Intelligence Information Report, October 1955, is a 44 page report (6 web pages) listing names of Air Force personnel that were "taken off the line" during Prisoner of War repatriations after the Cease-Fire of the Korean War. POWs that crossed "Freedom Bridge" immediately told US authorities that other Prisoners were taken from the staging area just prior to repatriation.

    Commodore Brook's Memorandum, 1985, after taking over DIA's POW/MIA Office. This three page scanned document shows you that the Mindset to Debunk was alive and well in 1985. Note that Brooks felt strong enough to put in writing that damage control on the Hill had to be conducted.

    American POWs in No. Korea is a working paper written by DPMO analyst I. O. Lee in March, 1996, relative to US POWs in North Korea. Can anyone say Mindset to Debunk?

    The Castle Memorandum written by Dr. Timothy Castle, analyst at DPMO, respective to the interference conducted against analysts who do their jobs honestly. This 12-1/2 page memo (2 web pages) also delves into the fact that Bob Destatte regularly and against DoD policy faxes his counterparts in Hanoi with sensitive US information. Document primarily deals with Lima Site 85.

    Ann Holland's Statement respective to the above. Holland's husband, Mel, is missing from LS 85 and is on the "Russian 41" list of American names provided to the US by Russian President Yeltsin. The list shows what the Americans were "sentenced" for in the FSU.

    Project Checo is the USAF report over the fall of Lima Site 85 (5 web pages)

    POW Camps & Live Sighting Reports is a transcript of the figures of Live Sightings relative to the nearby POW Camps as reported by the USG.

    This former POW is no friend to the truth (8 Web pages) DoD Message Traffic while he was a POW, verbatim quotes from his May 1973 article in US News & World Report (also available), photo's of a memorial with his name on it in Vietnam. Read these yourself and decide.

    Grams calls for laws requiring SAR for US POWs The Minnesota Senator wrote to the Armed Forces Committee, September 1997

    Admiral Tuttle's Deposition to the Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs (Transcript)

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