John, John The Communist Candidate

Kerry's voting record. Print it out if you want and use it when people defend him on what a "great guy" he is. It is obvious that he cares nothing for the unborn, the military, defense, law & order, tax relief, school choice and many other issues.

Voted to federally fund abortions.
Voted against parental consent for minors.
Voted against ban on Partial Birth Abortion (3 times)
Voted against ban on sending money to UN population fund
if the money was sent to pay for China forced abortion and sterilization policy.
NARAL lifetime rating of 100%
National Right to Life Committee lifetime rating of 0%

Opposes federal death penalty.
Voted against death penalty for terrorists. (recently flip-flopped in 2002)
Voted against death penalty for drug-related murders.

Voted against Bush tax cut and wants to repeal portions of Bush tax cut.
Voted for 1993 Clinton tax hike. (largest in history)
Voted against major tax relief packages at least 10 times.
Voted at least 5 times against balance budget amendments.
Kerry voted at least five times to raid The Social Security Trust Fund.

Voted for 7 major reductions in military funding Voted against Gulf War I (1991).
Voted for Gulf War II (but then criticized and voted against military appropriation for troops).
Voted against MX missile.
Voted against Trident Submarine.
Voted against SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative "Star Wars").
Favored UN control of US Troops (in the 1970s).
Supported Slashing $2.6 Billion from Intelligence Funding While Serving as a Member of Senate Intel Committee.
Voted to kill the Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Voted to kill the M-1 Abrams Tank
Voted to kill every Aircraft carrier laid down from 1988 onward
Voted to kill the Aeges anti aircraft system
Voted to kill the F-15 Strike Eagle
Voted to kill the F-16 E/F (Block 60)
Voted to kill the P-3 Orion upgrade
Voted to kill the B-1
Voted to kill the B-2
Voted to kill the Patriot anti-missile system
Voted to kill the FA-18
Voted to kill the F117

Voted against ban on human cloning.
Voted Against Defense of Marriage Act (to give states option to decide whether to recognize homosexual marriages in other states).
Sent letter to Massachusetts Legislature opposing Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as solely between a man and a woman.
Favors civil unions for homosexuals.
Voted to extend hate crimes protections to homosexuals.
Voted against a constitutional amendment on flag desecration.

Voted against voluntary school prayer.
Voted against voucher pilot program.
Voted against approving a school-choice pilot program

Voted against confirmation of Clarence Thomas for Supreme Court Justice.
Voted against confirmation of Robert Bork for Supreme Court Justice.
Voted against confirmation William Rehnquist as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
Voted against confirmation John Ashcroft as US Attorney General.
Voted against punitive damages in products liability cases.
As Michael Dukakis Lt. Governor From 1983-1985, Kerry Supported Granting Prison Furloughs To Hundreds Of Massachusetts Inmates.

Against linking Most Favored Nation status to China human rights record.
Voted for Kyoto Protocol on Environment that exempted major Third Word polluters.
Supported Iraq regime change as late as January, 2003.
Now has flipped-flopped For Unilateral nuclear Freeze.
Voted against deployment of INF missiles in Europe.

Spokesman and member of VVAW (Vietnam Veterans Against the War)
Attended and conducted anti-war and anti-American protests in the 1970s. Organized the Protests.
Votes with Ted Kennedy an average of 94% of the time.
Received $300,000 contribution from Johnny Chung as directed by Chinese intelligence officer.
Supported Communist Sandinistas and visited with leader Communist Daniel Ortega days before Ortega flew to Moscow and received $200 million in Soviet aid.
Has a lifetime rating of 26% from Citizens Against Government Waste.
Has a lifetime rating of 0% from the National Rifle Association.
Lifetime liberal vote rating of 93% from Americans For Democratic Action (5 points higher than Ted Kennedy).
Voted with the liberal activist group, The League Of Conservation Voters, an average of 95% of the time.

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