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  • Voted for 7 major reductions in military funding.
  • Voted against Gulf War I (1991).
  • Voted for Gulf War II (but then criticized and voted against
    military appropriation for troops).
  • Voted against MX missile.
  • Voted against Trident Submarine.
  • Voted against SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative "Star Wars").
  • Favored UN control of US Troops (in the 1970s).
  • Supported Slashing $2.6 Billion from Intelligence Funding While
    Serving as a Member of Senate Intel Committee.
  • Voted to kill the Bradley Fighting Vehicle
  • Voted to kill the M-1 Abrams Tank
  • Voted to kill every Aircraft carrier laid down from 1988 onward
  • Voted to kill the Aeges anti aircraft system
  • Voted to kill the F-15 Strike Eagle
  • Voted to kill the F-16 E/F (Block 60)
  • Voted to kill the P-3 Orion upgrade
  • Voted to kill the B-1
  • Voted to kill the B-2
  • Voted to kill the Patriot anti-missile system
  • Voted to kill the FA-18
  • Voted to kill the F117

    "I voted for the 87 billion, before voting against it!"

    -John Forbes Kerry

    So much for a Stronger America, huh John?

    John Forbes Kerry is a political opportunist, which does not set him apart from most politicians. What sets this man apart from most politicians is his deceitfulness, even for a politician! Deceit propelled John Kerry into office; deceit has kept him in office and now he is continuing the deceit to achieve the highest office in the land. If you think that deceit is going to keep America strong, then Kerry is your man. If you believe, as I do, that when you say something, you mean it, then there really is only one choice.

    Unfortunately, I believe that 30 second sound bytes are going to decide this election because no one delves into the issues nor even takes the time to research the candidates. I hope that you can prove me wrong. I am laying out my case against John Forbes Kerry in these pages. It's up to you to read and pass them along. As an added extra bonus, there are some interesting sound bytes on these pages.

    Reporting For Duty Unless I Can Get Out Of It!John Kerry claims war hero status in diminishing President Bush's National Guard service. Kerry served four (4) months in Vietnam, when the normal tour of duty was a minimum of twelve (12) months. So how did Kerry get out of serving the minimum tour? According to the book, Unfit For Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry, due out on 15 August, is filled with interviews of hundreds Navy Vietnam Veterans who call Kerry a "Purple Heart Chaser." Questions have been raised before about Kerry's Purple Hearts, but this book provides new witnesses as well as new details to contend that the first Purple Heart "awarded" to Kerry was "faked."

    Why the bruhaha over a Purple Heart? Military personnel take their awards seriously. Consider that former Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jeremy Boorda committed suicide after he was criticized for wearing a Vietnam Combat insignia on a uniform covered in medals. Moreover, Kerry used the "thrice wounded rule" to get out of Vietnam. Hence his four month stint; which many consider a record even under the thrice wounded rule.

    A Purple Heart is awarded for wounds that require medical attention suffered during an engagement with the enemy. Kerry received his first purple heart on 2 Dec 1968, but crewmates, Kerry's commanding officer and the Navy doctor who treated Kerry claims it was a tiny injury-a ricochet off a grenande that Kerry fired too close into a rock!

    In fact, Kerry "was berated," by William Schachte, the commader of the mission, who later retired as a Rear Admiral, "for almost putting someone's eye out. There was no hostile fire of any kind." The wound Kerry recieved, a metal sliver, 1 or 2 centimeters, was so slight that in sick bay, Navy Doctor Louis Leston asked Kerry, "Why are you here?" and used tweezers to remove the fragment that was barely stuck to Kerry's skin!

    Hero Kerry, give me a break!Kerry went to see his commanding officer, Grant Hibbard, the next day to seek the purple heart but was told by Hibbard to "forget it!" When asked how it was that Kerry came to receive that purple heart, Hibbard replied, "Beats me!" When Kerry was ordered, later that month, to more dangerous duty on inland waterways in An Thoi, Kerry loudly bellyached until he got transferred out within one week, showing he had "very little nerve for facing serious combat."

    Fellow Swiftie William Franke claims that Kerry complained that he "had volunteered only for coastal patrol and not for the more hazardous duty of missions within the inland waterway."

    If the first purple heart was not warranted, then Kerry should not have been able to invoke the obscure thrice wounded rule. So much for the hero. . .

    There are other claims made by Kerry that, even without minimal investigation, would have been exposed as an outright fabrication. That is a libelous charge. Kerry's often repeated claim that he was sent to Cambodia on Christmas Eve, 1968, in direct violation of President Nixon's assurances that there was no combat in Cambodia should have been discovered to be a complete lie. President Nixon did not assume office until 20 Jan 1969, so how could he have violated President Nixon's assurances 26 days before Nixon was President?

    It is interesting to note that during the most recent Democratic Convention in Massachusettes, Kerry claimed that, "I stood up and fought against Richard Nixon's war in Vietnam." Nixon's war? Did the Vietnam War start after Democrat John Kennedy put U.S. combat troops there or after Democrat Lyndon Johnson increased that number to 500,000 troops? Right, wrong or indifferent, wasn't it Republican Richard Nixon who ended US involvement in that war? Why then was it Richard Nixon's war, Mister Kerry?

    After Kerry successfully used the thrice wounded rule to return to the States, he ran for Congress and lost. At the time, he did not appear very upset about his time in country. It was not until he hooked up with Jane Fonda, Dick Gregory, Tom Heydan and Mark Lane, that Kerry became "disillusioned" with the war effort. Or was there something more? ? ? Did Kerry see the anti-war movement back in the States as a means of achieving political office?

    In 1971, the anti-war activist, John Kerry, of Vietnam Veteran's Against the War [V V A W], gave testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The testimony of John Kerry shocked not only the Foreign Relations Committee, but many of his "brother" Vietnam Veteran's who served honorably and decently in Vietnam. Kerry painted the Vietnam Veteran as a baby killer, a rapist, a murderer. He single-handedly stigmatized the Vietnam Veteran that returning Veteran's had to remove their uniforms before returning home, for their safety! This stigma was furthered by his celebrity friends, Jane Fonda, Dick Gregory and Tom Heydan to name a few. A stigma that lasts today.

    Promised to you were some sound bytes. Here now is John Kerry describing what he did during his four month stint in Vietnam:

    Press the start button to hear the hero
    and then the stop button when you've
    heard enough.

    In this, Kerry admits to war crimes. Crimes that would have gotten anyone else an Article 32, but got John Kerry a Silver Star. . . Admitting to real [or imagined] war crimes was not enough for John Kerry. He was not through trashing the Vietnam Veteran, the commanders in the field most of whom had served honorably in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. John Kerry launched his political career based on his four months in Vietnam. How come no one from the media questioned John Kerry on how he had time to commit these war crimes? How did his four months in Vientam make him such an expert?

    As this next sound byte will show, John Kerry conducted an "investigation." See, several months before John Kerry offered his horrific testimony, he had attended a meeting which was financed by Jane Fonda in Detroit in February 1971.

    Kerry [behind rear] at rally attended by Jane Fonda
    Jane and John See John Sit. Sit, Sit, Sit

    This meeting offered up several hundred purported, self-proclaimed Vietnam Vet's who told John and his celebrity pals "war stories" about atrocities that indicted the entire Vietnam combat veteran.

    Kerry used these stories to badly tarnish not only the military establishment, but soldiers who had served honorably, who had put their lives on the line and who had been proud to have served their nation. What Kerry did was to pro-long the Vietnam War because it gave the Communist Vietnamese, on the verge of surrender, the morale boost to continue fighting on. He did not check the "facts" that were presented at this Howard Johnson's by people who were only too willing to say what Kerry and his ilk wanted to hear, in return for a free meal.

    In short, he lied. He presented unsubstantiated and false allegations of atrocities that only scratching the surface would have exposed. To wit:

    Elton Mazione, claiming Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) credentials, Kerry's organization, along with his friends, John Laboon, Eddie Swetz, and Kenneth Van Lesser claimed to have killed children and remove body parts as part of the notorious Phoenix program. They were neither in Phoenix nor in Vietnam.

  • Kerry's friend and fellow VVAW leader, Al Hubbard, lied about being an officer; lied about being a Vietnam Veteran, and sustaining war injuries.
  • Another VVAW pal of Kerry, Michael Harbert, lied about his Vietnam service altogether!
  • Frank Dux: Charged many Vietnam Vets with using killing techniques bordering on war crimes. Dux was a fraud who turned out to be Vietnam-Era Veteran, meaning he served anywhere but in Vietnam.
  • Yoshia K. Chee claimed US Servicemen in Vietnam routinely resorted to the most hideous forms of torture; threw people out of helicopters, and decapitated prisoners. He was proven to be a phony.
  • Mike Beamon, an alleged SEAL and Phoenix assassin, was never in the military!

    The senator's own VVAW and similar groups relied upon people like: K. Barton Osborn, a Vietnam veteran who testified of atrocities to Congress. He told of prisoners being thrown out of helicopters, a woman starved to death, a prisoner being killed by a 6-inch dowel pushed through his ear. Osborn was not involved in Phoenix, refused to name names, and provided no documentation.

    Lieutenants Francis Reitemeyer and Michael J. Cohn. Both sought conscientious objector status because of Phoenix. Reitemeyer testified to being assigned to Phoenix as an adviser and maintained a kill quota of 50 bodies a month. They became famous as the My Lai Massacre hit the news, revolting the country. Neither served in Vietnam, in Phoenix, or had any firsthand information. Reitemeyer later denied receiving any assassination training.

    None of this information, easily checked, phased Kerry. He pressed on with his testimony:

    Press the start button to hear the hero
    and then the stop button when you've
    heard enough.

    Well, it was this testimony that gained John Kerry national attention and shamed an entire generation for a generation. Kerry was just getting warmed up. He would do anything, say anything and exploit anything to achieve his goal.

    Kerry was even deceitful to those he purported to admire, respect and most importantly, represent, his fellow VVAW members. During a rally in Washington, Kerry took his three purple hearts, Silver and Bronze Stars and tossed them over the White House Fence to show solidarity with fellow Vietnam Veteran's Against the War. It made him the darling of the anti-war movement. Years later, during a press conference in his Senate office, those very same medals were hanging, smartly framed, on his wall. When asked about it, he stated that the medals that he threw in Washington years before were "symbolic," they belonged to Veteran's who could not make that rally. Yet, he allowed the anti-war movement to elevate him to hero status because he threw his medals back in the face of the establishment! ! He failed to mention then that they were not his medals. His were safely tucked away to be brought out when he needed them.

    If this is his idea of how America should be represented, then we are going to need the help that he claims is on the way!

    John Kerry has made a habit of exploiting the Prisoner of War and Missing In Action [POW/MIA] issue.

    What Do These Two Photos Have In Common?
    Kerry Exploits POW/MIA Issue, July 1971 Kerry Buries POW/MIA Issue, Voice 2004

    In the earlier photo, [left] from a New York Times July 23, 1971 article, Kerry is pictured with Sheila Cronin and Delia Alvarez, family members of POWs held in Southeast Asia. The gist of the story is that several wives of American POWs being held in captivity in SEA told the Times that Kerry was "constantly using" their "suffering and grief" for his political ambitions. In fact, when Kerry attempted to introduce Cronin and Alvarez, one wife of a POW shouted, "That's a lie! What office are you going to run for next?!"

    Kerry was critical of Richard Nixon's decision to postpone the withdrawal of troops because Vietnam would not commit to releasing all American POWs after the withdrawal. Kerry claimed that Vietnam had promised to release all POWs once the US fully withdrew from Vietnam. See the article here. [Be sure to hit your browsers back button.]

    The Village Voice cover story, Burying The Evidence by Pulitzer Prize Winner Sydney Schanberg, [ The Killing Fields], details Kerry's further exploiting the POW/MIA issue when he chaired the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs.

    What were those exploits? Some are detailed below:

  • John Kerry had a real chance to get to the bottom of the live POW issue and abdicated.
  • Not only did he ignore live sighting reports, he caused them to be shredded by having his Staff Director, Frances Zwenig, shred the live sighting reports handed over to the Select Committee as well as ordering Maj. Gen. Needham, Commader of the Joint Task Force-Full Accounting, to shred live sighting reports in Thailand. See a detailed account here.

  • Zwenig is a Senior Director of the US-ASEAN Business Council, a for profit organization that advocates business opportunities in SE Asia. She is in charge of the very countries that she had previously investigated as holding Americans prisoner. What's the shredding of a few thousand live-sighting reports worth, Frances?

  • In June of 1993, as reported in a Boston Herald article by Michael E. Knell, "Colliers International brokered a $905 million dollar deal to develop a deep sea port in Vietnam.." To skirt the trade embargo still in effect against Vietnam, Colliers International acted through its partner firm, Colliers Jardine, based in Singapore. At the time the deal was brokered, C. Stewart Forbes, Kerry's cousin, was the Chief Executive Officer of Colliers International, a Forbes Family run business. This while Kerry was still chairing the Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs. But not a conflict of interest, huh John? POW/MIA$ come before profit, huh Johnney boy?

  • While Chairing this Select Committee to get to the bottom of the POW/MIA issue once and for all, Kerry missed many sessions where key testimony was given. Pretty much the same way he has missed many important sessions of Congress in 2004.

  • Specifically, during the testimony of former POW Steve Kiba, there was only one Senator present. Bob Smith [R-NH]. Being that Chairman Kerry alotted only one single day for testimony about the Korea War, you would think, as Chairman, he would be present for all testimony that day.

  • The Select Committee was investigating the Department of Defense's handling of the POW/MIA issue, but it became clear that DoD was controlling the investigation. Committee hearings, for example, were being orchestrated to suit the examinees, who were receiving lists of potential questions in advance. Another internal memo from the period, by a staffer who requested anonymity, said: "Speaking for the other investigators, I can say we are sick and tired of this investigation being controlled by those we are supposedly investigating."

  • He ignored 1992 satellite imagery that showed at a minimum two different authenticator codes that correlated to specific pilots shot down and still missing. Codes that were given a 70% and 100% certainty rating as being man-made by Col. Lorenzo Burroughs, the leading scientist who had developed this nations satellite imagery analysis. In one such code, John Baxter of the School of Mathematics of the University of Minnesota stated in writing that the total number of arbitary words with six haracters that can be formed from using the letters of the alphabet and digits from 0 to 9 is 36 to the 6th power or 2,176,782,336 to one. Far less than it takes to convict a criminal using DNA evidence. Kerry's Committee, however, relied upon CIA analysts to debunk the satellite imagery despite the fact that they had never had the authenticator codes of downed Vietnam pilots.

  • In the end, Kerry buried the POW/MIA issue by claiming that although there was evidence that a small number of men had survived post war Vietnam after the Communists released American POWs, there was no "compelling" evidence that they survived to present day [1993].

  • Scott Speicher had been shot down on the first day of Gulf War I, January 1991 and the Kerry Committee was quick to state that he was dead, although there is much evidence that points to his surviving his bail out and was held in at least two separate jails in Iraq. Kerry wanted to get the investigation over. In the same fashion that he only wanted to patrol coastal waters in Vietnam rather than probe into more dangerous waters.

    Do you honestly think that anyone serving our nation and securing our freedom can trust this man as Commander In Chief? Do you think they can truly believe that help is on the way? Just like those who tried to use their training to survive, putting down authenticator codes at great peril to their lives, help was on the way too. John Kerry style.

    For those that believe that Kerry can be excused for stigmatizing the Vietnam Veteran, using the anti-war sentiment fed daily to us by a biased press to catapult him into office, for those that can even excuse first his exploiting the POW/MIA issue and then burying it years later, do you really want to put the lives of your children or grandchildren in this man's hands?

    This is a guy who voted for giving President the authority to militarily engage Iraq and then questioned that authority when it was serving the Dean campaign to do so. When Dean's campaign imploded, Kerry seemed to back-up the president and then he flipped again when he saw that he could capitalize on the impatience of Americans.

    "I voted for the 87 billion, before voting against it!"

    -John Forbes Kerry

    If the condom fits. . .

    He is using the very same anti-war rhetoric that propelled him into office then, slightly modified to meet todays war on terror, to propel him into the presidency today. Before you cast your vote, view Kerry's voting record.

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