Jason..our Moonduster

Do you think that he did not know
of love, courage and fear...
of living every minute to the fullest
but not sharing all his tears.

Do you think that he did not know
willingly gave his greatest strength
time well honored spent
for a brothers needs he went the length.

Do you think that he did not know
of passion on a field of green
of blood spilled and battles won
friendship forged midst this pain so keen.

Do you think that he did not know
about insecurities and follies of men
hate, distrust, the most brutal of times
for war calls up the best and worst from within.

by Rita Bryant

A Farewell Poem for Jason

The Lord was his shepherd,
now Jason wants not.

He walks among green pastures,
beside still waters, with a peace
that surpasses all human understanding.

He has been restored, and his cup
is running over,
as he shared in life,
so can he within his new life, with
friends "we" can only long to see,
Jason taps glasses.

For surely the universal goodness that
was inside him, and followed him,
all the days of his life,
dwells now,
with him,
and Jason will be there waiting,
at the switchboard,
to greet us,
when we finally transcend
this life.

Later Jason,


(in memory of Jason)

I didn't know

(by s.c.jones 11/23/97)

Of times when sorrow grieves
When the morn comes new day
Gone then in passing leaves
No way now to repay

Gone now forever here
When sorrow grieves this way
Of heartache now unclear
No way now words can say

When sorrow grieves of love
Heaven waits earth below
Gone from here there above
No way now I didn't know