Jason Jones
Requiescat in Pace

The picture at the left is perhaps the most famous ever taken of Marines. It has come to symbolize not only the Marines but also the spirit of the American Fighting Man fighting the "Good Fight".
Jason "Moonduster" Jones was not a Marine or an American Fighting Man or even an American. He was a Canadian - a proud citizen of a country whose sons served with us during the Vietnam War at a time when many of our own were fleeing north to avoid military service.
And at a time when missing heroes of that war were being abandoned, Jason Jones volunteered to help us carry the torch for those heroes and to fight the "Good Fight" for the answers to their fate - another Canadian patriot coming to our aide in a time of need and giving his all in the spirit of Brotherhood. Then, after giving everything he had to give on behalf of our missing heroes, Jason succumbed to a heart attack.
Jason was a powerhouse of enthusiasm and energy when it came to supporting the POW/MIA cause and he will be missed more than he could ever imagine. He was committed to our search for the answers and he never slowed down. He worked quietly and never sought recognition. He worried constantly that he wasn't doing enough, although no one could ever have done more.
When he knew his time was near, he wrote me one last letter to be delivered only after his death. It is my honor to share that letter with you.

A Last Farewell From a True Brother

The music playing is the Canadian National Anthem. This is out of respect to Jason's heritage and as a gesture of gratitude to an ally who has given us one more hero - Jason "Moonduster" Jones.

My Dearest Gunny,
Hi there Bro, hope all is well with you and the family!
Well if you have received this e-mail then it must mean I am gone so to speak, but I will always be around the Operation Just Cause, the members and what you are all fighting for.

Gunny, I have never been one for writing or being with people much but I can say this:

After I joined the Operation Just Cause and met so many wonderful people, people that care, people that have hope, I began to come alive and I have been so very proud to know each and everyone one of the members of OJC. I can now salute you all and I do so with the highest degree of honor - you are all very special people it has been an honor to know you.

Gunny, I have asked Don Joslin to take over the SwitchBoard Site and do what ever he can to help others that may want to join or just need something. The sites have been taken care of for the next two years, although Don will want to change things around a little I`m sure, but he has told me that there will be a part of me left on the site. If this is ok with you please let Don know either by sending an e-mail to him to the switchboard address or to his e-mail address at tempest1@usa.net

I am sure he will do a great job and he is already to get things going since he has been helping me for some time now, but all this I leave up to you and the rest of the members of OJC.

I will miss you all so very much and will be thinking of you always and if there is anything I can do from here other than to just watch over I will get to it ASAP like always. Well that's about it Gunny. I have never wrote a letter like this and I am feeling rather strange doing so now but I just wanted to say something before I was completely gone.

Take care my dear friend and may God Bless you always. Hang in there everyone. Together we can make a difference and bring our people home.

Love and Caring
and Best Regards always
Jason (aka Moonduster)

My Dear Brother Jason,
I knew you only as a gentle, dedicated man with a passion for helping others. You admired courage and honor and loyalty. You had an unwavering respect for the men and women who demonstrated these qualities and you did everything in your power to insure that Americans did not forget their heroes.
Now you have joined their ranks.
You have well-earned your place in Valhalla.
In death as in life, you are a hero and WE will not forget YOU.
God speed my dear friend. Say hello to my Brother Rick for me and tell him I said I'll be there when I get there..
Always your Brother,

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