Navy Related Links

Ron's Naval Submarine Homepage Is a great reference site dedicated to the Submariner craft, but there's much more to it than that. It is simple in design, easy to navigate, and is information intensive. Great for research or just surfing. I enjoyed every minute I spent there.
United States Submarine Veterans Inc is a new page but it is destined to grow. Its purpose is to provide information for those submarine veterans who are seeking information and addresses of this national Submarine Veterans organization.
Seabee's Homepage - Any Marine who ever needed a road built, an Enlisted Club erected or any other Herculean construction project performed, under fire or otherwise, knew where to go. Check this site out. It's small but it'll grow.

Doc Tony Hardball says his Navy Corpsman's web site is by and for Navy Corpsmen, Marines, fellow shipmates and generally anyone else that cares to know just what a Corpsman is and what it means to be a Corpsman. However, having been vaccinated, innoculated, stitched up, wrapped up and splinted by the Navy's finest on numerous occasions, I can say without hesitation, that no Marine NEEDS to be informed as to what a Corpsman is and what a Corpsman does...We already know...And we are greatful!
Navy Seabee Veterans of America
The title says it all. Watch for this one to grow too.

The SeaBees have done it again. The SeaBee Cook's Homepage is a great site by Senior Chief Steve Karoly with history, photos and features that I thoroughly enjoyed. Looks like the SeaBees can now be counted on to build roads across the WWW. Outstanding Job, Chief!
Andy's Homeport is the work of a guy who claims he's new to all this HTML stuff. Don't believe it. Andy has made his site fun to visit and easy to navigate. There's something for everyone - music, sports, 2nd Amendment issues, art, Veteran's issues and a growing list of links. A big Footprint in the Meadow.
The USS New Jersey Battleship Commission was created in 1980 under New Jersey Law to be an operational commission to provide for the preservation of the battleship New Jersey as a historical monument, memorial and museum once returned to New Jersey.
Official Web Site of the USS NEWPORT NEWS, CA-148, is a very well done, very comprehensive site for those who served on the USS Newport News as well as for all Navy Vets and anyone who just happens to have an appetite for all things NAVY. As far as providing an information base for shipmates goes, this is one of the best Navy sites I've seen. It has it all - chat, sound files, photos, reunion information, buddy locator - a lot of time went into this site. Nothing was left out. Good job.
THE ANTIAIRCRAFT CRUISERS AND USS OAKLAND (CL/CLAA-95) WEBSITE - This website was created for the crew members of the USS Oakland, their dependants, and anyone else that may enjoy its contents. Paul Henriott has created a site that is not only well put together...It is also a piece of history and a valuable research tool for those who are fascinated by distinctive ships of legendary stature.
"Sea 'N Air" homepage by Bob Peetz. Lots of useful information on Navy and Air Force subjects.

The Swift Boats Homepage is dedicated to the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard members of Operation Market Time (Task Force 115) which patrolled the coastal waters of South Vietnam from 1965 to 1970. The primary vessels used within 10 miles of the coast were U.S. Navy PCFs or Swift Boats, U.S. Coast Guard Cutters and U.S. Navy Mine Sweepers .
Naval Awards Page-For those interested in Navy awards. The site also has info on Naval aviation.