Marine Corps Related Sites

US Marine Corps: Commandant's Reading List for "All Hands". The very existence of this list should put an end to a few myths. It is the desire of the Corps that all Marines be able to acquit themselves honorably in every arena. All Marines know the Commandant's wish is...
"Marine Corps Medal of Honor Page" This terrific page by Chosin Vet Bob Carr has everything you ever wanted to know about Marine Medal of Honor recipients.
"USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association" - A fine site dedicated to the Stagecoachs and the drivers, shotguns and crews who carried the grunts into "Indian Country" and who risked all to carry them back out again when the fur was flying. There is a lot here - especially for those of that gallant profession - but more than enough to keep any visitor coming back again and again.
"The Walking Dead" site is inspired by, and dedicated to, the officers and men of the 1st Battalion 9th Marines. No Marine who has served during or since Vietnam needs to be told who the "Walking Dead" are or how they got their name. I heard a story once about a FNG checking in at 1/9 in mid February of 1968. When he was signing for his deuce gear, the supply Sergeant told him: "I'm going on R&R so I won't be here when you get back from your first patrol. I better issue you your Purple Heart now." Then the Supply Officer came by and said: "You'll be gone for a whole week Sarge. Better give him two!"
"Kilo Battery - 4th Battalion 12th Marines" is the work of Jerry Gorman, a true Marine Vet and Web Artist. His graphics are as clean and clear as you'll find and his ribbon graphics are the best I've seen. (Please check with Jerry before you use them) His photos are certain to bring back memories and his sound library is out of this world. I recommend that everyone visit this site often. It is the finest, most visually stimulating collection of military history that I know of. Don't miss it!
"Al Varelas' Military Control Center" - I'm getting on in years so there really isn't time for me to go into detail about all this former Marine's site contains. No matter your branch or duty, you will find something here to make the visit worth your while. There's history, biography, Vietnam, Civil War, Legion d'Etranger, and the list goes on and on. And he says he's still not finished...
Vietnam Veterans of the Second Battalion, First Marines. This is 2/1's first attempt at providing a forum for members and a place of interest to all Marines. They will be building and enhancing this page to provide timely and interesting items of information. Organization President David Doc Johnson: "Our business is merely to reunite friends who have been left to wonder what happened to each other during the past quarter century. If you served with 2/1 in the Republic of Vietnam, we hope you join in our fellowship".
Drew's World of Choppers - Definitely a Marine's site. Forget Hollywood's square-jawed equestrians and their aluminum-alloy steeds, rotored or otherwise. Warfare is about people, and the people here are playing for keeps. Likewise the photographers with no time to compose the perfectly-balanced, delicately-lit, award-winning shot. This is brutal, unstructured, politically incorrect honesty. (Drew's words - not mine. He also claims this is his first attempt at a web site. My last attempt should be so good.)
The HMM 262/Vietnam Association Website - "Phrog Squadron". The intention of this site is to establish and maintain contact with as many of the "Old Tigers" who were members of HMM262 in Vietnam. Pictures, poetry, stories...You name it - it's here. Good link section. Be advised...this Java enhanced site jumps to a new frame screen which loses navigator buttons and may make you think your browser crashed. Just hang on to the old browser and close this one when you finish your tour.
"AMGRUNT" was the name given to members of the 1st Amtrac Battalion stationed at Cua Viet in South Vietnam. Most of their Amtracs were parked and the Amtracers were used as grunts to patrol in the area of Cua Viet. This homepage was created for former Marine Tom Williams by his wife Kelly Jo and it is one of two outstanding sites she has put together to honor AMGRUNTS. These are first class tours so don't miss them. "Well Done Kelly Jo" and "Welcome Home Tom".
Third Battalion Third Marines. Larry Wilson has done a great job for his 3/3 buddies. A must visit for all 3dMARDIV vets.

Third Battalion Fourth Marines. Let's get moving, First and Second Battalion!

This is one outstanding page full of history, great pics, and Marine lore. The 1st Battalion 4th Marines 1/4 was activated in April 1911 and was given the task of guarding the U.S. Mexico border during the attempted revolt in Mexico led by Francisco Madero. Throughout its distinguished history, from 1911 through Desert Storm, 1/4 has given the Marine Corps much to be proud of...and so does this excellent page created by a young Leatherneck Gulf vet who prefers to be know only as "The Grunt" the way, for those who don't know what that means, GRUNT is a five letter word meaning PRIDE and COURAGE. Everything else was support!
The Magnificent Bastards of the Second Battalion, Fourth Marines have arrived on the Web at last with this site by Dennis Thun. It is destined to become a touchstone for members of one of the Corps' proudest units, once home to such Marine legends as SgtMajor BJ Goddard, Major Herman Brooks West, Lt Ross Peterson, 1stSgt Billy Johnson and Gunny Wilhelm Krafcigs as well as a young Corporal now known as Gunny. If you were a 2/4 Bastard, drop in and say Hoorah.
The Second Battalion, Fourth Marines Association Home Page - I'll keep this short and sweet to avoid being called biased toward 2/4 (which I am). Simply put, THIS IS THE PLACE. Incredible job by Tommy and Kelly Jo Williams...(well, actually Kelly Jo does all the work). Stop reading this and CLICK! Go there! Now! JUST DO IT!!!!
"Echo Company of the Second Battalion, Fourth Marines is proudly represented in this excellent contribution by a proud Marine Family. Mike and Terri Crow have set up this page so Mike can locate some of his old buddies from Echo Co. 2/4. It is the latest web effort of this great team who also host "Vets Helping Vets".
And speaking of legends, soon destined to become one on the WWW is Master Gunnery Sergeant Jim Rogers, USMC Retired. An Echo Company 2/4 veteran of Vietnam, Jim's career was one that young recruits dream of: action, travel, advancement, independent duty tours in exotic lands. He has built a site that reflects the pride of 27 years wearing the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. If you're a former Leatherneck, this site will make you proud.
"e8mc" Retired Drill Instructor Master Sergeant Dennis Kibler's outstanding site will give any Marine vet flashbacks to those days of locking heels, side-stepping through the chow lines and counting cadence in their sleep. It was a small price to pay to be one of the World's Finest, but it was a price you'll never forget. Your DI ('scuse me Dennis) Your Drill Instructor was the one face, voice and strut that you will remember forever. Don't miss this one!
And while you're in the neighborhood, why don't you and your better half stop by and visit Dennis' lovely wife Liz, a dedicated Marine Corps wife who has set up a tribute page for military spouses. It takes a special breed of woman to support the kind of man who dedicates his life to traveling the world in order to defend this way of life we've gotten used to. When Milton wrote "...they also serve... " he was talking about Liz and her fellow military spouses. This site is long overdue. If you miss it you've missed a great experience.
David Decker's tribute to the Corps is summed up in his site's opening paragraphs: "I consider myself to be one of the most fortunate people on earth. You see, I was raised by a United States Marine. Growing up in a Marine household guarantees that lifelong lessons will be learned during the "first phase" of childhood training. As the son of a Marine I learned battle tactics, Marine Corps history, military protocol, the manual of arms, the Rifleman's Prayer, Code of Conduct, General Orders, how to march to and call cadence, and a host of other things including those all important words to the song of all songs - the Marine's Hymn, and that Chesty Puller was the greatest leader of men in the history of the free world."
As the son of a Lady Marine who served in the same war as David's Dad, I give this page Five Green Stars...Marine Corps Green.
Gunny Mike's Salute is the work of Gunnery Sergeant Mike Adelt - USMC Retired. I was once asked on a radio program, "Exactly what is a Gunnery Sergeant?" Actually, Gunnery Sergeant is the one rank that the Marine Corps cannot do without. Even though Mike's site is still under construction, it looks like a winner already. It can't miss with an opening page that carries the resolution of the Continental Congress that authorized formation of the Marine Corps on November 10, 1775. Semper Fi, Mike.
"Reflections of Vietnam" is a beautiful site created by the wife of my friend and Brother, John Henry Adams, a Marine Amtrac Veteran. Lois Adams invites any Vietnam Vet who has a story to tell about himself or his war/war-related experiences; or who has written a tribute for a fallen Brother, to contact her and have it included in "Reflections of Vietnam". She has done a beautiful job and I encourage everyone to visit and read the touching entries already posted. You won't be sorry...
The Home Page of Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines is just getting underway but promises to do the Corps proud.

Vic Vilionis' page is a definite must see. For the full effect, download the Crescendo Plug-In first (above). An excellent combination of music, text and graphics.
India Company, Third Battalion Seventh Marines. Terry Dixon's page is graphics intensive but worth the wait to see his quality photos.

George Sager served with I 3/7 in 68-69 and his photos are sure to bring back memories of the better times in that place. Nice job George. Now, India 3/7 has TWO sites. How bout the rest of you old grunts getting your butts in gear now that I 3/7 has both Point and Tail-end-Charlie. 3/1, 3/3 and 3/4 have flank security so there's plenty of room for anybody who wants Slack on Gunny's Links.
Golf 28's page is by former Marine Eugene "Gene'o" Csuti. The following aptly describes his motivation for enlisting and his feelings about the Marine Corps: "My Marine service began just after college finals, I was attending college in Wisconsin. I and 3 others had gotten back from a Veteran fraternity party. We got talking that the Vets had the best parties, the best cars and the best Girls on campus. At 1:00 in the morning we decided to join the Military, do our time and come back to college as VETS. We could not decide what branch of the Military to join so we decided to call up all 4 recruiters and first to the door got all 4 of us. You guessed it the Marine Corps was the first to the door. I never have regretted joining the Corps, and have a Second generation Marine Son currently serving."
This is a great page...don't miss it.
Sgt Mike Halley served in the Corps from 1960-1968, Vietnam from 1965-1968. His site just has to be seen to be appreciated. His photo essays are uncomplicated but touching and his graphics load as quickly as any I've seen. You may find yourself just staring, unable to speak.
Doc Tony Hardball says his Navy Corpsman's web site is by and for Navy Corpsmen, Marines, fellow shipmates and generally anyone else that cares to know just what a Corpsman is and what it means to be a Corpsman. However, having been vaccinated, innoculated, stitched up, wrapped up and splinted by the Navy's finest on numerous occasions, I can say without hesitation, that no Marine NEEDS to be informed as to what a Corpsman is and what a Corpsman does...We already know...And we are greatful!
This page is dedicated to Fred Stith's tour with HMM-164 of The First Marine Airwing in Vietnam. (1966-1967) This site has great photos and good background info. Check it all out and drop Fred a line.
"Looking Back" by Gordon Boswell is a well executed page with great photos and outstanding text. Dedicated to the Memory of L/CPL Christopher Six, KIA February 27, 1971, Panel #04W 010 And to the brave officers and men of the 1st Battalion, 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division (Rein), FMF who served with Gordon in Vietnam 1969-71. No question about it...this is a Marine's page!
Vietnam Death Trip is a very distinctive looking site with excellent graphics. Any Marine who ever shouted: "Corpsman!" will appreciate Dennis "Doc" Boettcher's great page.
HERC'S Vets Page - A 9th MAB Marine is doing himself and the Corps proud in this Vietnam Era Marine Corps page dedicated to his buddies. Nice Job!

The big guns of Echo Battery, 2nd Battalion, 12th Marines can be heard once again at "Stick's Place", the site of Marine Vet, Steve Stickley. This site is dedicated to those still walking point. All you cannon-cockers will appreciate this fine tribute. Great job Stick!
"My Old Job" Home Page by Corporal Marsh - USMC.

"Semper Fi, Mac" is a real tribute to the Corps. Well Done!

Silver Lance Research is an outstanding source for Vietnam /POW-MIA information by CWO3 Jim Ferrier, USMC Ret. This is a site you'll want to book mark and visit often with a pen and notepad handy.
"Lorfious Majorus" is a unique site by 10 year USMC Force Recon vet John Lorf. This one is well worth your time so drop in and look around. If any of you Old Corps Leathernecks have any questions about the quality of the post-Vietnam era Marine Corps, this should answer them right quick.
"Semper Fidelis Interactive Journal"This outstanding new contribution is dedicated to the Few, The Proud, The Marines - Past, Present and Future. Small but destined to grow, this site is a must see for all Marines, their families and their friends. Contributions of stories and photos are encouraged.

Marine Corps League-Merton R. Kemp Jr. Detachment 561, Oswego, NY- This is definitely a MARINE Site...Marine Quotes, Marine Corps Trivia (as if there were anything trivial about the Marine Corps), the HYMN, General Orders, Rifleman's's all there and more. A great reference site - True Marine Corps Quality.
The Marine Guest Book-A Guest Book for Marines to search for comrades and post their own message.
The 26th Marine Regiment Command Center serves as a "Communication Link" for the thousands of Marine Corps and Navy personnel who served in Vietnam between 1966 to 1970 with the 26th Marine Regiment. This new but excellent site was created and maintained by Loyde P. "Snake" Arender who served as an 0331 with Kilo 3/26 from December 68 through March 70.
Kit's Homepage is just getting started but this Totally Committed USMC/USA Vet will be adding and sculpting and you can expect this site to become an award winner.