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Welcome to the American Defense Institute (ADI) home page! Thank you for stopping by and for your interest in the work of ADI.

ADI is a non-profit [501(c)(3)], non-partisan educational/public policy think tank that promotes the value of freedom and our responsibility for protecting it with a strong national defense. ADI places special emphasis on young people – the future leaders and protectors of America – and believes that an investment in young people is an investment in the continued security and freedom of America.

The American Defense Institute (ADI) is entering its 15th year of working on the important defense and foreign policy issues affecting our country today and into the twenty-first century. Since 1983, ADI public policy programs and public affairs activities have provided research and analysis on national defense/national security issues to the Washington policymaking community and the general public. ADI was founded by Captain Eugene "Red" McDaniel following his retirement from the Navy after 27 years of service. Captain McDaniel learned firsthand about the loss of freedom when he was shot down on his 81st combat mission over North Vietnam in 1967 and spent six years as a prisoner of war (POW). When he returned to the United States in 1973, he was awarded the Navy’s highest award for bravery, the Navy Cross, and numerous other decorations.

The American people are receiving confusing signals from Washington regarding the nation’s defense posture. The constant redefining of the armed services’ role and mission, the use of U. S. military force to expand UN peacekeeping operations and "humanitarian" ventures, defense base conversion, the growing Chinese political and military influence in world affairs, and other issues affecting U. S. military personnel combine with "balance the budget" considerations mandating reductions in federal spending to create an uncertain perception of defense responsibilities and an increasingly unstable national security environment.

In spite of the complacency resulting from the end of the Cold War and the subsequent downsizing of U. S. military forces, pro-defense members of Congress have demonstrated their intentions to maintain an adequate defense posture. Organizations like the American Defense Institute are needed to provide the research ammunition to fight this Capitol Hill battle for a strong America.

The American Defense Institute (ADI) accomplishes its goals through the analysis and dissemination of defense and national security policy research, citizen education, and leadership training for young Americans. ADI’s POW Awareness Program focuses public attention on American servicemen who are still missing in Southeast Asia. ADI’s DEFEND AMERICA: VOTE! program facilitates participation in the democratic process by members of the U. S. armed forces. Approximately 6, 200 undergraduate and graduate students have participated in ADI’s national security/national defense fellowships, internships, and seminars.

    Through its various programs and publications like ADI Briefing and ADI News, ADI’s sphere of influence extends from its national membership to members of Congress, the defense, foreign policy and national security establishments in the executive branch, the news media, public policy institutions, the defense industry and academia.

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