Message from author:
I have been thinking about this coming Veterans day,and wondering how many people realize just exactly what we fought for. WW I and WW II were fought to keep the world free of domination by tyrants.Korea was fought to keep a fellow nation free of domination by a Communist neighbor. We attempted to do the same in Viet Nam,and only failed because of the rise in our country of a well organized segment of society bent on the destruction of all of our cherished freedoms,who swayed public sentiment against the efforts of our fighting men and women.Look around,and you will see the deterioration of our liberties.So called political correctness is a tool used by both the Nazis and the Communists,and look who is using that term today. In any case,this veteran is saddened by what is happening to our country,and as I march on the 11th, with all my brothers and sisters, I will silently pray with every step that my fellow Americans will wake up to what is happening. That's why I wrote the attached poem.
LCDR Bob Prinselaar "Boats"

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