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...for as long as it takes                                         June 1998

The National Alliance of Families

    The National Alliance of Families Ninth Annual Meeting was held in Washington, D.C. on June 18 - 20th, 1998. This is in from Gunny Fallon, who attended that meeting:

"Last Thursday and Friday I had the opportunity to meet with some of our strongest supporters at the National Alliance of Families meeting in DC. Former POW Captain Red McDaniel, USN Retired, gave Steve and I some startling insights and Carol Hrdlicka (wife of David Hrdlicka) left me with no doubt that she is not letting up until she gets the answers. I assured her that she will have the full support of OJC.

I also had the great honor to meet Chris Rich and Kimmie Thomas-Bowles in person for the first time and to journey to the wall with them and Steve where they introduced me to their Dads and to Steve's brother. It was a very emotional experience and I intend to make it a yearly event for as long as they can stand my company. Next year I hope that Alan and Linda Jackson can be there as well.We are planning several new programs for this year and if things go well, we should be able to draw support from some serious heavy hitters. We will be announcing the plans as soon as we get them worked out."

Gunny Fallon

Special Reguest!!

This is also in from Gunny. Someone needs our thoughts and prayers.

"I received the following from our Brother Richard Reynolds (, currently on active duty in Europe. I know many of you will want to let him know that he and his family are in our thoughts and our prayers."   Gunny

"Gunny: I know that this might be a strange request, especially from one of the members of the group from the fringe in Europe. Right now my daughter is in the hospital at Walter Reed in D.C. She is only four years old. Right now she is a very sick little girl. The doctors still cannot accurately make a prediction about her prognosis. As a result I will not be able to perform some of the actions that I really wanted to do before I left Germany. I wanted to arrange a 24-hr vigil at the base POW/MIA flagpole. I don't know if I will be able to arrange it or not but you can bet I will plant the seed.

If it is at all possible Gunny please put the word out that Shelby is sick and needs all our prayers and support. I firmly believe that one of the reasons that she was sent to D.C. was to place me close to the Wall. My father is a Vietnam Vet. He was in the Air Force for two tours. He saw a lot of squadron mates lost. Growing up he would never talk about his experiences. Now that I am an adult the situation places both of us and my daughter in D.C. I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and there must be a reason for this most recent situation.

Again Gunny I place my trust in you to do what you believe is the best. If you decide to pass on my message or parts of it so be it. I just want you to know that no matter what happens I will pursue to advertise the POW/MIA issue no matter what base I happen to be stationed at."


R.M. Reynolds

606 ACS Spangdahlem AB GE

Right now his wife and daughters are residing at the Fisher house near Walter Reed.

The address for the Fisher House is:
Fisher House I or II
Walter Reed Army Medical Center (DPCA)
6825 Georgia Avenue, N.W.
Washington D.C.. 20307-5001


From Gunny

One last item of critical importance in from Roger Hall. For those of you who may not know him, Roger is one of the best friends the POW movement has ever had. He writes:

"The United States Government knowingly abandoned American Prisoners of War (P0Ws) when the Vietnam War ended in 1973. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) held much of this information and it was not properly reported to the Department of Defense or Henry Kissinger at the Paris Peace negotiations for the release of those captives. The responsibilities of the CIA to this country and its citizens required timely reporting of that POW MIA information to negotiators. It wasn't. Therefore it must be released now in order to seek their recovery.

"The North Vietnamese and their allies the Laotians withheld POWs to assure reconstruction aid for war damages. As part of the Paris Peace Agreement President Nixon offered $3.25 billion dollars in reconstruction aid conditioned on the release of all POWs including those in Laos. Congress would not authorize payment of the money when they found out from released POWs how they were tortured and others killed in POW camps. "The Congress made a blind decision for they had not been informed of the withheld POWs. The CIA failed in its responsibilities.

"The CIA ran the war in Laos and collected information on captured Americans in Southeast Asia and China. There were POW camps in Vietnam, Laos and China where Americans were known to be held from which none returned. Some intelligence reports do reveal that POWs were taken to Russia and China.

"During March of l973, President Nixon stopped the withdrawal of American troops because Admiral Moorer and others insisted that the communists withheld POWs. The North Vietnamese informed U.S. negotiators that POWs scheduled for release would be retained unless the troop withdrawal resumed. Because of this, President Nixon resumed the withdrawal of American troops and the remaining scheduled POWs were released. POWs not released by March 1973 were left to the enemy. The CIA withheld information and remained silent on those left behind."

Roger has initiated an FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) suit to obtain this information. The cost in time, money and emotion has been great. Roger is donating his time and he has big enough shoulders that he will handle the emotional part. But the financial burden is another story.

This action by Roger is strongly endorsed by Colonel Guy and I am adding my own equally strong endorsement (for whatever that is worth). Now you all know that I do not ever ask anyone to donate money to anyone for any reason and I will not do so now either. However, as soon as I finish this message, I am writing a check, payable to: POWIMIA FOIA Litigation Account

and I am sending it to:

POWIMIA FOIA Litigation Account
8715 First Avenue, #827C, Attn. Roger Hall
Silver Spring, MD 20910

But that's just me...I believe in this cause and I have the highest regard for Roger and for everything he has done. I believe that this is one way to make the system work for us.

For more information call Tel. 301/585-3361, e-mail

Disclaimer: The FOIA action being pursued by Roger Hall is not connected with OJC, but it is strongly endorsed by Gunny, Colonel Guy, Steve Golding, the POWMIA Forum and the members of the OJC Board of Directors.

The following is in from Jill Hubbs, daughter of Dave Murray's adopted MIA, Donald Hubbs from New Jersey. We need to get cards and notes out. Let's let Mrs. Hubbs know that America has not forgotten.

"My mother would love to get some mail from the veterans! How sweet...She has her good days and her bad days...Her health is frail and she has had several strokes. Since we last e-mailed, I have been trying to get her house repaired. She is having some severe financial problems and we have been wrapped up in that."

Her name and address: Bereth Hubbs 6658 Lake Charlene Drive Pensacola, Florida 32506

32 cent therapy could work wonders. Cards and notes are needed. The true story of the Donald Hubbs loss can be found on my home Page: Dave Murray's Fight for POW/MIA's

Wonderful News!!!
From Roy Benavidez' daughter:

"Hello all, I just wanted to drop you all a quick note informing everyone that my dad is finally at home. He arrived home this evening, June 10th, at around 6:30 P.M. Two great friends of dad, Mr. Guerrero, and Mr. Miranda, kindly brought my dad home. He was so happy to finally be home. He looks really good, too. He is a little sluggish, but doing well.

For the next 28 days he will be on an I.V. treatment for an urinary tract infection. It was either come home and be with your family, or stay in the hospital another 28 days. You can guess which option he took.

Hopefully soon we will have my dad's personal e-mail address posted. He desperately wants to learn how to use the computer so that he can communicate more readily with people. He knows that he will have a long recovery, and he wants to keep himself busy. He won't be doing any traveling any time soon, so he'll have to find a new hobby. Hopefully, he can learn how to use the computer. As soon as we can get an e-mail address established, we'll let you all know. I have printed all of the e-mail messages that he has received so far, and for the next couple of days he will be reading them. He's got plenty to read, so it should keep him busy. He is very thankful to all who have written, and there have been a lot, and he says......... "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You."

Also, my family would like to thank everyone out there for their words of encouragement, and their prayers. All of our prayers were answered. My dad is finally home and well on his way to a recovery. Thank you, everyone, and thank you God.


Yvette and Rene Garcia Denise and Stan Prochazka, and family Noel and Andrea Benavidez, and family Roy and Lala Benavidez"

In From Jim Lamb:

In a meeting of the N. Ia, S. Mn. Retired Military Assn.., I was surprised to learn that 27 members, not on the net, thought all the POWs were returned, as they believed the government double speek garbage. One pilot saw someone captured in Laos that didn't return. The other two, on the net, wasn't sure.

In talking to the local civilians, non vets, they had dismissed the POW issue after the well publicized return flight years ago, and wasn't sure what the new flag at the post office was for or why it was there.

Needless to say, the locals are now being educated in the reality of the issue. This is a must for their support. Most of the local businesses say they will place any poster I bring in. Someone want to come up with an OFFICIAL poster ? If so, put it on the net to copy.

Has everyone seen the DOD POW/MIA site ? Interesting. Consider the source and take it for what it's worth. After 45 years working for/dealing with the government, what they say isn't necessarily what they mean. We are told what we want to hear but most of us know brain washing isn't a new technique.


Public Law 105-85 requires that the building containing the Office of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs display the POW/MIA Flag on 6 specified days a year.

Acting Secretary, Togo D. West, Jr., has directed that the VA fly the POW/MIA Flag every day at the Central Office, 810 Vermont Ave., Wash, DC. This directive became effective, 2/10/98.

Other than that, the amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill requires that the POW/MIA Flag be flown at all U.S. Post Offices, all major military installations (designated by SEC/DEF), the White House, principal offices of the Secretaries of State, Defense and VA, the Selective Service Headquarters (DC), all VA-System Cemeteries and Veterans Service/Counseling Centers, on the following six designated dates:

Armed Forces Day

Memorial Day

Flag Day

Independence Day

National POW/MIA Recognition Day

Veterans Day


9th Annual Ride For Freedom '98

I was very honored to be a part of the 9th Annual Ride for Freedom "98" sponsored by the Friends of the Forgotten at the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It was quite stirring to see over 1000 Motorcycles enter the city in support for our cause.

The intent of the Friends of the Forgotten is to educate and raise public awareness on the POW*MIA issue. I was grateful to have the opportunity to speak on behalf of Operation Just Cause and hopefully gain more support. We are all in this together and a house together stands!!

Some of the guest speakers at the event included:

1. Mayor Ed Rendell of Philadelphia, who supported the Friends of the Forgotten and told them to keep up the fight.

2. David Christian (most decorated US Vietnam War Veteran) spoke of the responsibility of all men and women who wear to the colors to keep on our elected officials until all remains and missing are accounted for, as that is our duty. He will continue the fight until all are returned to American soil or until he takes his last breath.

3. George "Jay" Veith (Former Army Captain and author of "Code Name Bright Light") informed us of President Clinton's attempts to stop the search for Korean remains and to brush aside the responsibility of these Foreign Nations to account for our missing. He is most knowledgeable on this issue and told everyone to not let up on our elected officials, but demand the truth and demand action be taken.

4. Peggy Moore (POW*MIA Activist & Poet) who read a very moving poem dedicated to the remembrance of "D" day. Also made the plea that we must educate all those around us, so the fight does not stop with us.

After all the speeches there was a roll call of names of all those still missing from PA. One of the gentlemen who was reading the names, J. H. Chitwood, lost a brother in Korea who has been missing ever since. I know that he will never stop trying to find out and this has just made me more aware of how important our fight is.

One thing was clear in all the speeches. We must continue to write our Congressmen and Senators, we must continue to bring the issue to light and not let it die with our generation, but teach our children so this will not be repeated in the future.

Thank you.

Cheryl York


Memorial Day 1998

On May 25, 1998, I was invited to the 1998 Roxbury Township Memorial Day Celebration in New Jersey This event was hosted by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Alward & Henry Meeker Post 2833.

It was a beautiful, heart-warming experience. Witnessing the VFW's Memorial Service and Wreath Placement was an honor. However, the highlight for me was when the guest speaker, Mr. Frank Anton, a former Vietnam POW, spoke to the crowd.

After the ceremonies, I was introduced to this remarkable man. The most amazing thing that happened that day was when Mr. Frank Anton thanked me for coming. I wanted to take a moment to personally thank him for his speech and for his noble gesture. Most important, I would like to thank him for the Freedom I now enjoy. It was an honor and privlege to be among such an amazing group of people.

B F Malone


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